More Structure To Position Fields - Comeet Product Update

Comeet Product Updates: Permission Settings

This is one in a series of posts highlighting new features and functionality to Comeet’s hiring and recruiting platform. This post highlights a number of ways to customize system permission settings:

  • Settings Update: Some “Padangusthasana-like” Flexibility for Permissions
  • Resolving Duplicates Becomes a Little Easier
  • More Structure to Position Fields
  • More Control Over Permissions

Update 1: Some “Padangusthasana-Like” Flexibility for Permissions (2019/05/06)

Developed based on customer feedback, our new permission settings options give our customers more flexibility to customize user access by company and position-level roles. Behold your awesome new powers:

Who Can Edit Candidate/Position Workflows?

Control the Candidate and Position workflows your hiring teams use by restricting who can edit them. If you wish, you can prevent Hiring Managers and others from altering your default processes.

Who Can Edit Company Questionnaires?

Questionnaires help qualify skills, experience and fit before candidates even apply so it makes sense to ensure questions are relevant and appropriate. You can now easily involve the right people by editing privileges.

Who Can Complete Steps on Behalf of Someone Else?

Completing steps on behalf of other hiring teammates is often an efficiency shortcut but you may not want hiring managers, for example, to do so. This is how you prevent it from happening.

Who Can Resolve Duplicates in Other Positions?

You may want recruiters to be able to resolve duplicates without being associated with the position of the duplicate profiles. You can now allow recruiters and recruiting coordinators to resolve duplicates in positions associated with other recruiters.

Who Can See Evaluations of All Candidates?

You may want to allow recruiters and management to see candidate evaluations across the company without being a member of the position’s hiring team. Note: It doesn’t apply to discrete positions or hired candidates.

These new features expand the extensive list of customization options you already had in your Comeet account. Take this opportunity to review the full list of Company level and position level permissions in Comeet and customize your permission settings.

Update 2: Resolving Duplicates Becomes a Little Easier (2019/03/04)

We’ve launched a new permission setting in Comeet that allows you to give recruiters and recruiting coordinators the ability to merge candidates with duplicates in other positions, even if they’re not a member of that position’s hiring team.

If you’d like to give recruiters this option, adjust your company’s permission settings  (this requires an Admin or Owner role).

Update 3: More Structure to Position Fields (2018/12/06)

You Now Have More Control Over Position Fields

They will add more structure to the data job seekers see, and provide additional data in your reporting. You can:

  1. Present a restricted list of options as a dropdown menu
    Preventing teammates from entering alternative values you don’t want.
  2. Define which values are required to publish a position
    Ensuring all relevant information is included in the position description on your careers website.
  3. Easily organize existing values
    Including renaming or merging duplicate values.​

Settings are accessible to users with the Owner or Admin roles. We invite you to take a look at the new options in your position fields settings.

Update 4: More Control Over Permissions (2018/05/18)

Comeet now gives company administrators more control over users’ access.

Permissions Settings​

​Permissions now allow you to determine who can:

  • Add a new position
  • Edit master email templates
  • Edit position opening dates
  • Change a candidate’s position
  • See candidate’s emails
  • Request more details from a position’s agency
  • Send messages to a position’s agency

For a complete list of permissions see the company roles and the position roles. Now it is time for you go ahead and revise your permissions

Are you looking to start your hiring process today? Comeet can help. Check out to our pricing plans learn more about how we can redefine the way you recruit new talent. Or just drop your details below and we'll get back to you promptly.

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