SundaySky Went With Comeet over Greenhouse or Jobvite. Here’s Their Evaluation Process.

I think Comeet is visual and intuitive — especially the recruiting workflows.” — Merav Choset, VP of Human Resources

Choosing Comeet over Greenhouse or Jobvite

When looking for a recruiting and hiring platform that could support a global workforce, SundaySky bypassed Greenhouse and JobVite in favor of a more collaborative recruiting solution: Comeet.

“Comeet got us up-and-running very fast, and have continued to provide fantastic support. Overall, I don’t see any reason why we would switch to anyone else. The product is working great for us and we are very happy.” —  VP of Human Resources Marav Choset

SundaySky is a company at the forefront of 1:1 content marketing using video. It has attracted the support of blue chip investors including Carmel Ventures, Comcast Ventures, Globespan Capital Partners and NTT DOCOMO Ventures, and customers such as AT&T, Comcast, Citi, and Atlantis Paradise Island. 

More than 175 employees now work at offices in New York, Tel Aviv and Tokyo, a workforce that VP of Human Resources Marav Choset works hard to keep happy and growing. 

To do so, Choset needed a global recruitment program that worked as efficiently as possible. We spoke with Choset on her ATS search process and the features she looked for in SundaySky’s next ATS. 

Finding The Right ATS For SundaySky’s Global Workforce

“When I arrived in June 2015, SundaySky was just deploying Greenhouse,” said Choset. “The process of deploying and using a modern recruiting system went well until Q3 when we revised our recruiting plans and started looking around.”

A long-time HR executive within the Israeli startup community, she knew that many companies similar in size to SundaySky had replaced spreadsheets and older Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) with Comeet’s collaborative recruiting system. 

“A lot of really good, fast-growing companies in Israel are using Comeet and are very happy so I invited Comeet to present a product demo in my office.”

In addition to Comeet, Choset was considering several other ATS vendors, including Jobvite. 

But she needed a system that could reliably process both English and Hebrew resumes, because of the global nature of SundaySky’s workforce. Ultimately, Choset decided to compare Greenhouse and Comeet in parallel for a month. 

Replacing Greenhouse With Comeet

At the end of the evaluation, Choset decided to replace Greenhouse with Comeet as the technical foundation of her global recruitment program. 

“Comeet looked great and seemed very easy to use. It was very visual and appealing — especially the recruiting workflows — and looked perfect for what we needed. We couldn’t find anything that was missing in Comeet compared to what we had with Greenhouse. Comeet was also willing to be flexible and accommodating to our needs.”

Choset also felt confident that, as SundaySky’s workforce grew and changed, Comeet could keep up. 

“I want my vendors to be as dynamic as us and agile, too. I felt a flexibility and willingness to work with us from Comeet that I didn’t feel from other vendors. I was confident that they would be very hands-on and accessible.” 

In Comeet, Choset found a collaborative recruiting platform she can use to hire everyone she needs: from a Hebrew-speaking Front-End Developer in Tel Aviv to a New York City-based Content Marketing Manager. Now, SundaySky has well integrated Comeet across its global recruitment program.

  • 30+ employees (out of 150) have Comeet accounts
  • # open positions range from 15 to 20

On Onboarding: “We Didn’t Even Do Any Staff Training”

Deploying Comeet was a very simple and seamless transition. As a technology company, most of the employees are very comfortable with software systems. Confident in their ability to “figure things out,” and impressed with Comeet’s obvious intuitiveness, Choset felt that formal training sessions would be unnecessary. Employees were notified of the switch, then invitations were emailed so they could set up their Comeet accounts. These two steps comprised staff training. The technical side of the switch, the migration of recruiting and candidate databases, took less than a week. 

SundaySky Case Study-Merav Choset Quote

How SundaySky Uses Comeet To Hire Its Global Workforce

Collaborative Hiring: One Recruitment Platform Everyone Uses

SundaySky is using Comeet to fill positions around the globe in a way that includes every person involved in the hiring process. 

Each open position has a recruitment process overseen by a recruiter inside HR and one-to-three managers, depending on the department and position seniority. Visual workflows were customized for each department using drag-and-drop editing. 

Learn more about Comeet’s collaborative hiring here

SundaySky Recruitment-Comeet

Social Media Integration

In addition to this functionality, Choset singles out Comeet’s tight social media integration, especially the LinkedIn integration, as well as thoughtful features such as adding images to candidate accounts. 

Customer Support for Help Along the Way

Something that also stands out is the customer support she had prioritized. 

“Comeet got us up-and-running very fast, and have continued to provide fantastic support. The addition of new features, even since we started, has been very impressive in both speed and reliability. Overall, I don’t see any reason why we would switch to anyone else. The product is working great for us and we are very happy.”

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