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Case Study: Innovid Creates Scalable Recruiting With Comeet

To meet the soaring demand for its massively popular video platform, Innovid mapped out a scalable recruiting strategy built on hiring team engagement and speed. After an extensive vendor evaluation of Greenhouse, Workable and others, Innovid chose Comeet. Months later, there’s no buyer’s remorse as Comeet has proven to be “a very good recruiting solution for growing companies.”


Revolutionizing recruiting

Innovid is the world’s leading video platform, empowering advertisers to create, deliver and measure the most innovative video experiences on any device and media outlet, while increasing scale, efficacy and ROI. By Q4 2014, headcount neared 150. Anticipating a recruiting surge in 2015, Senior Director of HR Liel Golan saw the need to replace Google spreadsheets and email with a modern recruiting platform. Without a scalable recruiting process, the HR team would struggle to meet talent acquisition goals, and company growth would be compromised.  

Google Docs Wasn’t Invented for This

Golan and HR Specialist Katrine Blacklaw manage North American recruiting from Innovid’s New York City office where they typically work on 15-25 open jobs at a time. Recruiting before 2015 was anything but efficient, according to Blacklaw:

“Google Docs was manageable when we were much smaller. As our recruiting pace outgrew its capabilities, managing so many positions and candidates became much harder, time-consuming, and frustrating. Moving between email accounts, Google Docs, and attachments was no longer feasible.”

A Peer-to-Peer Recommendation

An HR recruiter at a startup a floor below its NYC office suggested Golan add Comeet alongside Greenhouse, Gild and Workable to her Applicant Tracking Systems short list. Golan and Blacklaw did extensive hands-on testing, and spoke with other startups about their recruiting technology experiences and tips to make scalable recruiting feasible. Golan completed evaluation in February 2015 and selected Comeet.

“Comeet was the best choice for us. Our primary criteria was cost, implementation simplicity so we could start almost immediately, customer service responsiveness, the ability to influence the product roadmap, and our trial experience. Unlike Greenhouse, we were able to evaluate Comeet using live positions rather than just demos. The process improvement so far has been significant for our recruiting lifecycle because everyone on the team is engaged and actively participating.”

Accelerating Recruiting

Automation enables Blacklaw to hire more quickly and efficiently than before. During Q1 and Q2 2015, Comeet helped her fill 28 positions across departments; from client services, creative and tech support, to finance and the executive suite. Entry-level recruiting is particularly busy. In an industry attractive to new grads and known for frequent job hopping, the resume stream is constant. Blacklaw particularly appreciates how Comeet simplifies the process of advancing or rejecting candidates.

“Comeet has revolutionized the way we process our pipeline. It creates transparent process, accountability and efficiency. The process of onboarding and training hiring teams is simple, and very straightforward, too. Initial reaction has been extremely positive. We hear ‘This is cool’ a lot.”

Ensuring Engaged Hiring Teams

Although improving hiring team engagement had been a secondary objective when evaluating software vendors, Blacklaw was very pleased by the response of Innovid’s Hiring Managers.  

“Comeet provides Hiring Managers with transparency and encourages them to own the process. They now have a window into our processes to see that HR is prioritizing their open position. They can log in, see all the candidates, where they are in the workflow, and understand what’s next. It’s great for me because I don’t spend time creating reports for them. They can access the same information in seconds.”

The Impact of Scalable Recruiting

Recruiting transparency will continue to spread. With 15 current open job requisitions (as of October 2015), Blacklaw has increased on-boarding for both Hiring Managers and interviewers so Innovid can continue to attract and acquire talent in a ferociously competitive market.

Comeet has become part of our HR department, a tool to help organize and improve both our internal recruiting processes and overall candidate experience. It’s a very good recruiting solution for growing companies like ours, a scalable solution that can grow with us.”

Post with Comeet. Let us show you how it works:

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Barry Lenson

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