Fiverr’s Criteria for an ATS That Supports Its Growing, Global Workforce

“Comeet is life changing” — Viki Alper, HR and Recruiting

Fiverr is the world’s biggest freelance services marketplace. 

The company launched in early 2010 as an online marketplace to connect freelancers with people looking for creative professional and personal services (aka Gigs). Today, buyers can choose from the world’s largest catalog of pre-packaged services across 250+ categories, ranging from graphic design and music/video editing, to marketing and copywriting. 

Driving this marketplace is a company with over $100M in VC funding that went public in 2019, and a team of 350+ employees worldwide. Teams in Tel Aviv, New York, Miami and Chicago execute Fiverr’s aggressive growth strategy. 

Fiverr needed a hiring solution that could keep up. 

Fiverr Needed a New ATS to Support Its Growth

Talent acquisition is a joint effort for HR Recruiter Viki Alper and HR Manager Mor Montag, who has helped build Fiverr’s team since joining in 2011. By early 2014, it was clear that Fiverr needed to upgrade its processes and recruiting technology. 

The upgrade was a challenging three-phase process. The first two Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) that Fiverr deployed failed to deliver, according to Montag:

“We’re a growing company with a global focus. We value responsive customer support, confidence in the availability and speed of our HR system, and a platform that Hiring Manager, especially, will want to use. We didn’t get those from either vendor.” 

For high-growth companies like Fiverr, common recruiting and hiring challenges include: 

  • Difficulty collaborating across your hiring team of recruiters, hiring managers, peers, etc. 
  • Poor pipeline visibility for everyone involves, exacerbated by the scale at which you’re bringing in candidates. 
  • Slow, manual processes that lengthen the hiring process just when you need to move faster
  • Lack of customer support from your current hiring solution

These common hiring challenges, among others, signal that it’s time to upgrade your ATS. Fiverr got the hint, and started the search again — ultimately landing on Comeet

Finally, An ATS That Made Global Talent Acquisition Easier

During the months Mor and her team struggled with their underwhelming technology, an Israeli software startup called Comeet was rapidly developing a new recruiting system. Convinced that recruiting’s future will center on team centricity and collaboration, Comeet combined the requisition and resume management features of an ATS, with communication, coordination, and interviewing functionality for teams. By Q1 2014, the Comeet platform was mature enough to meet Montag’s wish list. 

“The challenges in 2014 helped us identify a must-have feature list,” said Mor. That list included: 

  • Compatibility with Hebrew and English CVs and Apple, due to Fiverr’s global nature
  • Duplicate resume and candidate identification, due to the scale of their applicant pool
  • A built-in communication system to send letters automatically, to help automate their recruiters’ workflows
  • Ease-of-use
  • A minimal user training requirement

“We also wanted something that was friendly and looked modern and wouldn’t freeze or crash,” said Mor.

Wondering what features your company needs in its ATS? Check out our guide here, with a full list of ATS features to look for.

Onboarding That Is “Surprisingly Without Stress”

Montag worked with a Fiverr developer and Comeet’s implementation team to migrate her existing recruiting database, rebuild job pages, and get ready. After a week she describes as “surprisingly without stress,” Fiverr went live with Comeet in April 2015. 

Alper’s training consists of brief seven- to ten-minute sessions that vary according to the employee’s hiring role. Hiring Managers, for example, learn how to: 

  • Create a new position
  • Manage their hiring team
  • Customize workflows
  • Use the built-in communication system
  • Master interviewing features. 

According to Alper, feedback from hiring teams involved with global talent acquisition has been glowing. 

“They are very happy overall. It’s really helpful to have a system that engages everyone in the process, even if their role is very minor.”

Collaboration Across the Full Hiring Team

Adopting Comeet as its global talent acquisition platform has made it easier for employees to participate in recruiting. Better hiring decisions can be made, because each member of the hiring team has the tools and technology they need to participate fully.

“A lot of people at Fiverr who don’t even have HR titles are really involved with recruiting now. That’s a big change from before Comeet.” — Viki Alper, HR and Recruiting, Fiverr. 

For a global company, a tool that facilitated collaborative hiring is a necessity. It ensures every hiring team member can stay on the same page and move the hiring process forward at an optimal rate. 

“Comeet helps create transparency. Everyone can see our current candidate pipeline for each position, and feedback on every candidate is in one place. It’s very convenient.” – Viki Alper, HR Recruiter

When looking for an ATS that facilitates collaboration, look for features and functionality like: 

  • Team organization that allots every hiring team member the appropriate roles, permissions, and responsibilities. 
  • Internal and external communication in real-time and within the ATS.
  • Accountability in the form of workflows, calendars, activity logs and communication threads.
  • Transparency with seamless reporting and dashboards 

Learn more about how Comeet supports collaborative hiring

The Best Customer Support

Comeet is spreading across Fiverr; more than one in ten employees already has a Comeet account, a huge number for an HR system. Usage is rising and Montag is happy with the platform and ecstatic about the customer support. 

“Customer service is amazing. If I have any issues, I text my Comeet contact. It’s great.”

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Barry Lenson

Barry Lenson

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