Integration with Namely

Comeet Integration with Namely: Linking Recruiting and the HRIS

Our integration with Namely is another example of how we’re using automation to connect recruiting, hiring, and human resources management. By providing a silently efficient data bridge, common customers using Comeet and Namely can move instantly and effortlessly from hiring a candidate in Comeet to administering their employement in Namely.

Why we partnered with Namely

Partnering with Namely the company, and our integration with Namely the product was a head-slapping no-brainer for multiple reasons:

1. Founded in 2012, Namely is a fast-growing HR technology company whose focus is delivering an “efficient and functional HR management platform.” (“Efficient” and “functional” are Comeet-friendly adjectives).

2. The vast majority of our customers have reached the point where they need something to make HRIS, attendance tracking, payroll and benefits administration not only efficient as well as legal.

3. Namely provides one of the best-reviewed all-in-one software platforms to meet those HR needs.

4. Our sweet spot in the HR technology marketplace overlaps with Namely’s – growing mid-sized companies.

5. We’re all about automation and time savings because we know – as you do, too – that “Time Equals Growth.” This integration will save time and prevent data entry errors and delays.  

Namely HRIS integration-Comeet
Like Comeet, Namely’s HRIS is an excellent choice for a company confident about growth

How our Namely integration works

After enabling Namely, the data hand-off of the candidate/new hire from Comeet to Namely happens automatically. After making a new hire within Comeet, a new employee record is created in your Namely talent management system using the following details/fields from Comeet:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email (required)
  • Resume
  • Profile photo
  • Phone
  • Mobile phone
  • Position
  • Start date

Configuring your integration with Namely

Connecting your Comeet and Namely accounts is a simple one-minute job. Log in to your Comeet account, visit Settings > Integrations. Choose the Namely integration and click Integrate. Follow the instructions, then click Activate. You’re done.

Not only have you hired a super promising candidate, you’ve also automatically created and populated his/her Namely employee profile with the necessary data to properly welcome him/her to your team. That’s yet another part of the Recruiting-HR continuum that allows us to take care of you using Comeet-powered automation.

Are you looking to start your hiring process today? Comeet can help. Check out our plan options to learn more about how we can redefine the way you recruit new talent.

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Barry Lenson

Barry Lenson

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